Nobody wants to be stuck with a set of decaying teeth or an unattractive yellow smile! Your pearly whites play a great role in influencing your self-confidence and we have just the right procedures to ensure that you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted


We ensure that the services provided at our dental clinic are top notch and are performed by a team of experts thriving for a long period of time in the dental field. Moreover, a clean and calm environment is maintained to ensure that our patients are comfortable and that their necessary requirements are fulfilled. Furthermore, we use the latest technology and our equipment’s are well maintained and kept up to date in order to ensure that the best services are provided.

Variety of services

We aim to cater to the needs of a wide audience, thereby offering a number of different services. Our team comprises of experts who specialize in the area of orthodontics which focusses on the realignment of teeth with the help of braces. Moreover, dental implant procedures are also conducted to replace an area with a missing tooth. Furthermore, cosmetic surgeries including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and smile treatments are also performed. In addition, common tooth problems such as decay treatments, root canals and tooth extractions are also performed.

Easy to access

Since we are located at a number of different in Sydney, you can easily access the same services at the area nearest to you, without having to travel long distances. Our locations include: Burwood, Ryde, Ashfield and Concord. In addition, we are open six days a week from 9am-6pm thereby aiming to make our services available for the maximum amount of time, possible. If you wish to find us online, you could use keywords such as: ‘dental clinic Ashfield’ or ‘location of top class dental’ or ‘Sydney top class dental’ in order to find the clinic closest to you.


Our team comprises of expert dentists who use the latest equipment and technology to ensure that the procedures conducted are of high quality and the most effective results are achieved. In addition, the necessary measures are taken to ensure that the procedures are safe and minimum pain is caused during them. Apart from these aspects, we ensure that clean methods are used and the procedures are monitored at all times, in order to ensure that they meet the standard for infection control and the necessary steps are taken to ensure the equipment and area are sterilized.

If you wish to step up your oral health game, then book your next appointment with orthodontist Ryde and you are sure to notice a difference in your teeth. Be it any procedure, we have the solution for it!