We all are aware of the fact that led technology has changed the world of display and in the industry of display led is something amazingly in demand, believe it or not after the invention and introduction of the led display monitors and LCD are no more in the market because the flexibility and dynamism led gives in unavailable in any other monitor or led technology. So let’s discuss some very amazing facts regarding transparent led display:

See through screen:

Literally see through is the word, which means that naked eye can see through the transparent LED display very easily without any help of a gadget, it is so transparent that one cannot even imaging that such technology exists in the market. Moreover, transparency and see through are two different things see through tells how thin the screen is and still the result is amazing.

90% transparency:

This is something different from see through screen. 90% is amazing it means that if the screen is off then a person can strike his/her head into the screen. Only led screen has this attribute of 90% transparency, because led is liquid technology and water or fluid can easily travel in narrow spaces and places hence led is the only technology which can solve the purpose. Moreover, 90% transparency was introduced in led display because the marketers were rejected when they tried to place the screens on buildings because of low transparency building owners were reluctant to give permission.

Easy to install and light weight:

How easy would it be to install a thin foil, that’s right this is how easy to install a transparent led display. It is very light weight and provides complete display, easy installation is something unavailable in LCD and monitor technology.

Screen brightness is adjustable:

People think that due to thin size brightness compromises but this is not true, screen brightness is not just amazing but also adjustable imagine thin foil with adjustable brightness and contrast is something unreal.

Application friendly:

We are in the era of android and iOS where hardware is of no use if it is not friendly with the applications, so here is the deal transparent led display are so flexible that they can be carried on with any android application and iOS which means that VLC, WMP everything is there and can be played on the transparent led screens.

No matter what, future is amazing in terms of display sizes and quality, led is the final thing which needs no introduction and there isn’t any competition of it anywhere. Marketers are happy and digital marketing is amazingly taking over everything with the help of a transparent led display.