When you have one kid it’s easy for you to make sure that you give him/her all the attention they need, because you have only one person who needs you attention and you have all the time to spare to look into each and every tiny detail in their lives. You have the time to pay attention to every bit of clothing they are going to wear from the clothes to the socks and shoes to the clips and hats that go on their head. you give a lot of thought and care into what you are feeding them making sure that everything is freshly prepared and that you are giving them only the most fresh food available, and you have so much time to spare that sometimes you can even have the pleasure of watching them sleep. All of this is the bliss that you feel when you have just one kid. But when the number exceeds you find yourself in a lot of trouble, and sometimes you feel like juts hiding yourself in a corner somewhere because you don’t know in which direction you have to turn.

When you have two or more kids you have to develop the art of dividing your attention equally and most of the time you are unable to give them as much attention to them as you would like, and this is natural. They will be constantly asking this and that from you, always wanting their mom to be by their side, but there is only so much that you can do. So the best thing that you can do in a situation like this is to make sure that you have something that occupies you children from time to time, so that they are not constantly badgering you about things. So that they are not constantly at each other over something or the other. For example an extreme roller coaster toy will be a great way of keeping them entertained for hours on end, because it’s a really exciting game that all the kids will and they will be thrilled about it. And for you this means that you will have a few hours of peace and quiet in the house which you very badly need.

The other type of play that kids love is something that helps them to mimic real life situations. So if you see that there are durable cubby houses for sale anywhere, juts grab one for your kids, because this will be something that will fall in love with, and it also gives you the opportunity to be able to interact with them by showing them how they can go about playing and make it enjoyable. You have to try your best to give them at least some if not all of your attention, from time to time.