There are so many cities, states and countries in the world which celebrate different cultures and festivals and that can be witnessed exclusively in that particular country or state like: Horrible and dangerous bulls running and people are running before the bulls to save their lives and they call it ‘San Fermin’ festival in Spain, be it a lantern festival in China etc. Exactly some states are well known for their sports activities like marathons, diving events or car/bike race etc. but there is an Island in Australia which celebrate a whole week by Yacht Racing and is famous as ‘Race Week’ of Hamilton Island.

Hamilton Race week is the most attractive race event in Australia and is labeled even on international calendar as the largest sporting and social event, where peers and family come together to challenge each other and test their yachting skills, to become the winner and enjoy this friendly rivalry; Sounds weird friendly rivalry but it’s true. Every August approx. more than 2400 yachties from around the world visit Hamilton Island to attend the race week, keelboat regatta is actually a type of boat which is allowed in the race, along with these cocktail parties, food markets, beach yoga are prominent events too during this whole week. Eat near street side food market by selecting cuisines from a vast variety, boost your adrenaline, play, have fun and enjoy the most of the race week are the mottos of everyone visiting there, this race week was initiated my David Hutchen in 1983 when he planned to start a proper yacht charter business and he successful persuaded the founder and owner of Hamilton Island to collaborate and officially arrange an event to support the tourism business and to gather the attention of the world, after which an official committee was formulated and was given the authority and responsibility to arrange the whole race week. Previously, Australia used to celebrate this event in April of every year till 1990, later on considering best weather conditions in the month of August; authorities shifted the whole event in the same month.

Now the time has passed with so many successful racing week together, Hamilton Island Race week is not restricted to yacht racing only but, they also host concerts of international singers, cooking competitions, acting talent hunt, beach modeling and photography and many more, all boats willing to participate must hold a valid IRC rating certificate which must be submitted to the authorities at the time of registration. Registration process is done electronically on the website and after all the entries fielded race committee decides which ones to accept (as it’s solely on the discretion of the race committee). Read this article to find out more details.

So no need to think anymore, pack your gears plan before hand and get ready to prove yourself internationally in this amazing race week which will start on 17th of August, 2019 and will last till 24th of August 2019. Still have time to think and participate, GOOD LUCK! If you are looking for best accommodation visit Hamilton Island Holiday Apartments for more details.