Before reaching to this article, your online search must have shown you that there are many typers of PC cases, however, the reason why you are reading this is to know which case will work the best for you. Now in that case, we have discussed a few PC cases and by the end of this article, you will be better able to decide which PC case to go for. And when you do, you can easily buy it through Thermal Take or check their website at .

You must have come across a lot on desktop cases and tower cases. Let us first clarify both for you.

A desktop case is the one that you will usually find at peoples home, this is what anyother computer will come along with. It serves just the basic needs, which is to make sure all the components of the PC are in place and increase the space around for better use. This is what a home user will be using, simply because their purpose is to use the computer for basic needs of computing. Whereas, if you are a gamer or a programmer, this is not for you.

Whereas, the Tower Cases are especially designed for gamers and programmers. Given this, it also allows them to expand their PC as well. The tower case has further following types, which are: the mini tower, the mid tower, followed by the small form factor.

Let us also walk you briefly through each of the types of tower cases:

  1. Small Form Factor Case: This case is designed to support a mini motherboard only. Which means, you have a very limited option to customize. However, given its size being compact, this is best for gamers who prefer to play gaming in group of friends or take their systems to a LAN Party. The down side of being small is that the user only has two expansion slots.
  2. Mini Tower Computer Case: This serves the need of having both portable PC for games, as well as, the thirst of expansion. It comes with four expansion slots and can support both mini motherboard and a Micro ATX Motherboard.
  3. Mid Tower PC Case: If you are a builder or a programmer, a mid tower PC cases Australia is what you will prefer to have. It support ATX, Mini ATX and MicroATX motherboard. What makes it more preferable is that it comes with 8 expansions slot options. It further has solutions to manage your cables, so it also makes sure that cables are not tangled up. At the same time, a gamer will also fall in love with this, because it supports high graphic cards as well.