It’s a Date! October 24 is food day 2013

Food is a basic necessity of life without which humans can’t live. But is the food you eat healthy? Does the food you eat give you enough nutrition and keep you healthy? Do you ever ask these questions to yourself before having your regular diet? Well there is an annual celebration day of food to make people aware of these issues.

Though in USA, there are many days in a year related to awareness of food and drink. But 24 October is the National Food Day in the United States of America set up by Centre for Science in the Public Interest.


What is Food Day?

Food Day in a nationwide celebration of healthy, celebration and affordable food celebrated annually on 24th of October. It is celebrated in most of the schools, colleges and universities of the country. In most colleges and universities, the students groups along with other community groups organises camps and food festivals to make the people aware to eat healthy food and keep the body fit.

It is celebrated to make the people aware different food related problems in the country. Obesity has been a serious problem in the country and can be reduced by eating healthy diets. This festival also aims to reduce the hunger problems in the country as there are a lot of hungry people who have to sleep with an empty stomach.


Food Day 2013

National food day 2013 was celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. Different colleges organised food festivals on their campuses and even on the streets to share food with different peoples specially the needy ones. The Government also organised food festivals with local vendors distributing food for free. Even seminars and informative sessions were held to give normal people knowledge about the food they eat.

The main focus for 2013 Food Day was to encourage children to cook. It was to encourage the adults to teach the children cooking by participating in “Let’s get Cooking with Kids”event. These events were organised all over the country where adults shared their cooking skills with the kids. The motive was to teach the children healthy recipes so that the children cook themselves and eat healthy food.

The future health and food related problems can be stopped only if the diets and food policies of the kids are changed. This was the prime motive of 2013 Food Day was indeed a success.