Gluten Free Recipes – 62 Healthier Desserts via Huffington Post

Are you looking to eliminate gluten from your regular diet? Is it possible to take the gluten free diet? Yes, there are hundreds of the food items are available in the market that are free from that. These kinds of the food are called as the non gluten food. Too many bakeries are known for the baked goods but some of them are also provide the various gluten free food. You are astonished to know that we have hundreds of the food material, which are not containing any gluten. They are also becoming the essence of the health day by day. Some of the healthier gluten free products are as under:

They are categorizing into several groups:

Cakes and pipes

Cupcakes of the chocolate

If you are the one who want the sweet to satisfy your teeth then, you have to taste it also. It is delicious and free from sugar. It contains the cocoa powder and the vanilla extract for flavor. Peanut butter give the flavor, which is more better rather than the glutens.


Lemon polenta cake

It is made up of the flour of the almond. There is a good proportion of the sugar and the butter. That means it is good for the taste but not the healthiest one recipe as the others. But you can also add some of the healthier content as per your choice to make it more healthy food.

Garbanzo bean chocolate cake

It is richest one in the protein content and less in the sugar proportion. It is also delicious one.

Angel food cake

It contains many dry ingredients such as the cream of the tartar flour of the rice. It is free from the fat and melt easily in the mouth. It is full of the extra vitamins, nutrients. Other cakes are:

  • Bananas foster loaf cake
  • Blueberry pudding cake
  • Chocolate panna cotta
  • Upside down lemon meringue pie
  • Avocado pie
  • Raw berry blueberry pie and puddy


These all above are unique in their taste and depend on their content. Others group of the gluten free recipe are given as under:

Crisps and cobblers

It includes blueberry cobblers, apple crisp, peach crisp, blueberry clafoutis and many more. Many of them are free from the sugar while all are the free from gluten.

Puddings and mousses & cookies

They are attractive because of avocado, butter of almond, seed of the chia and many more. They are the berry mousses, hot chocolate pudding and many more.