There are different opinions about wearing of the ring and there are many people who wear the ring in their fingers for a lifetime. The ring stays in their finger as long as they are committed towards their relationship and it shows that they are well connected to each other. This is also like a social status that they are husband and wives and have taken vows to spend their life with each other.

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Positive points
There are people around you who are very positive in their thoughts and also their actions. These people feel that wearing the ring in the finger is just like another event, like kissing or hugging your partner. It’s a positive sign of telling the society that you both love each other and that is the sign in your fingers.

Against the flow
Some people who are against the flow want to say that there are many people who just want to show the world they are married. There is no need for the same. They do not believe in wearing a ring and showing the world that they are committed.

Mixed reaction of couples
They are not involved in any controversies. They love to show the world that they are married. But in case you lose it then also you have know that you have a committed relationship. Thus, these are different reactions of people who are interested in wearing marriage rings.rings-wedding